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Using a Meditation Timer to Promote Quiet Time, Relaxation, and Deep Thinking


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Meditation TimerAre you looking to relieve stress and anxiety through meditation? Then let’s discuss meditation timers and how they can be beneficial.

If you’ve meditated in the past, then you’ll know how easy it can be to get lost in your thoughts and lose track of time.

This can be a good thing as it means that you are meditating properly and you’ve temporarily “removed” yourself from distractions.

But, as great as that is, nobody wants to end a meditation session by looking at the clock and realizing that too much time has gone by, and now you’re rushed or stressed about getting on to the next thing.

It happens, it can be disheartening and it kinda defeats the whole purpose of meditating in the first place.

This is where a meditation timer comes in handy.

meditation timer on corner of desk

What is a Meditation Timer?


A meditation timer helps you keep track of time while you’re meditating.

It relieves you of being distracted from your meditation by trying to keep up with time at the same time you’re attempting to meditate.

Meditation timers come in many forms. There are smartphone apps, online meditation timers, or you can create your own timer using an alarm (although it’s not the same experience, it’ll ensure that you aren’t meditating for longer than you wish).

Simply put, a meditation timer helps you to keep track of time without being distracted, but it can also do more.

Some timers play relaxing tones and music, while others have alert features that sound every few minutes to help you keep track of time.


Why Use a Meditation Timer?


There is an endless number of benefits to using a meditation timer and there are literally no downsides.

Track Time. As we’ve mentioned above, a meditation timer can help you to mentally track how long you’ve been meditating without disrupting your session.

Helps to Relax. If you choose a meditation timer which plays soothing tones, it will help you to enter a state of relaxation quickly and easily, and get the most out of meditating.

Furthermore, most timers will give you the option to choose from a variety of tones so that you don’t get bored.

Playlists. Some apps have a playlist feature which allows you to keep track of music or sounds used during your meditation sessions, and then later repeat the ones that you found most effective.

black labrador dog sitting


What Makes a Good Meditation Timer?


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of meditation timers out there.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a timer, there are two main types available – an online meditation timer or a meditation timer app.

Generally, it comes down to preference, although there are a few things to look out for.

Simplicity. Meditating should be a relaxing activity and if you have to spend more than a few seconds setting up the timer, it can become counter-productive to your meditation practice and not worth your time.

Bells. This is a standard feature for these timers and it won’t be difficult to find a timer that has timed bells.

These bells are used to keep you alert, focused on your meditation, and subconsciously aware of how much time has passed.

Free! There are some great paid timers out there, but there are also useful meditation timers that are free.

A good meditation timer really comes down to what specific features you want and your preference.

It’s all about which one you’re happy using. Check a few of them out and decide which one is best for you.

woman in meditation yoga pose


Meditation is a fantastic means for relaxation, having some downtime to yourself, and managing your thoughts without feeling overwhelmed.

By using a timer, even an online meditation timer, you can enhance this experience and get more out of it.

To Conclude…

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been practicing meditation for a while, it’s definitely worth using a meditation timer to help you keep track of time and enhance your overall meditative experience.

With the added benefits and ease of use, you might find that a timer is just what you need!

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