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8 Tea Tree Oil Uses to Boost Your Overall Health


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tea tree essential oil


The ways that tea tree oil uses can benefit your health and beauty are reason enough to make sure you’re using it. But if you’re not aware of all the ways it can be used, how do you know it’s something that will benefit you? You don’t.

So let’s find out a little more about the different uses for tea tree oil, and the ways you can apply it to live healthier more naturally. Let’s go!

Fun fact: tea tree oil is made from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a tree native to Australia. From “the Land Down Under”, it’s been used for ages by the indigenous Bundjalung people. Their main concerns with it weren’t for looking ravishing, though it can certainly help boost your appearance (more on that momentarily), but for medicinal purposes. If you want to know more about that or for a brief history on the subject, check out this quick guide to tea tree essential oils.

Tea tree oil uses that you’ll want to harness for your better health follow below. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but gets you started on the basics. Perhaps you’ve heard about some of them and if not, it’s high time you did!

Tea Tree Oil Uses


1. Overall sanitizer

Hand sanitizer was such a brilliant invention, wasn’t it? Until it was shown that it made bacteria more resistant. Not such a brilliant idea anymore. But when using tea tree oil as a sanitizer, you can rest assured that you’ve cleansed your hands, skin, and even common surfaces (hello doorknobs!) from bacteria and viruses like E. coli and H. influenzae. Death to germs!

2. Go away, bugs

When the weather is warm and beautiful, there’s nothing like going outdoors to enjoy it. Until pestering insects threaten to ruin your great outing. Studies have shown promising results with tea tree oil in regards to keeping cows free of flies. If it’s good enough for the bovine population, it’s certainly worth a try for you.

But if you need another example, other studies have shown that tea tree oil repelled mosquitoes better than DEET, that horrid chemical that you should never use all in a safe-for-you way.

3. Effective odor control

Can’t live without your deodorant? We understand. No one wants to be the person everyone shies away from at the office or the neighbor’s bar-b-que.

But rumors abound about the use of aluminum in commercially-produced deodorants and antiperspirants being at fault for greater risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases, and these may have you concerned. (Source) And while even the Alzheimer Society states there is no proven link, still, you may be concerned about the potential health risk or how safe is the repeated and continual use of other chemicals found in those products.

Enter another one of tea tree oil uses – to control underarm odor, naturally.

Sweat isn’t what makes you stink. It’s the bacteria on your skin that it combines with that makes that unsavory scent. As mentioned above, tea tree oil is fabulous for killing off bacteria, making this one of tea tree oil’s best uses.

4. Clearer skin

Whether you’ve always had acne-prone skin or stress has been causing you to breakout right before a hot date, getting a little extra help for clearer skin is never a bad idea.

Thankfully, loads of studies have been conducted so you don’t have to experiment or even attempt to use drying benzoyl peroxide and end up with that flaky look that makes your makeup look all cakey and unpleasant.

As a matter of fact, tea tree oil has been shown to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide when it comes to treating acne. And total bonus: it smells way better too.

5. Fixes unsightly nails

You know what’s worse than blowing your diet right before swimsuit season? Discovering nail fungus! Yuck!

Thankfully, they aren’t dangerous, and while you can cover it up with nail polish, who wants a fungus among us while you’re at the pool or beach?

Another of tea tree oil’s uses is efficiently getting rid of nail fungus. You can apply the oil directly to your affected nails, though be sure to scrub your hands immediately after. Nail fungus loves to spread around and you don’t want a fungal infection elsewhere!

6. Flake-free hair

Snow is lovely, unless it seems to be falling from your head. Dandruff shampoos may help, but everyone reacts to them differently.

A great natural solution that has proven effective against dandruff in clinical trials is tea tree oil. It takes a few weeks to see results, but there will be a definite improvement. Why not start today and be that much closer to having flake-free hair?

7. More beautiful feet

We talked about nail fungus, but another unpleasant fungal infection you might find yourself with is athlete’s foot.

The commercials for products that relieve it are often geared toward men, but women get athlete’s foot too. And like nail fungus, it can also spread. That awful itching, redness and inflammation subsides with the use of tea tree oil (Source), making it a nice natural choice for treatment.

8. Fresher fruits and vegetables

One of the best ways to look and feel your best is through eating healthy, fresher foods. A diet that includes more fruits and vegetables will always do your body good.

Unfortunately, you might have the best intentions with all the produce you bought on your latest trip to the market, only to grab an apple and find it’s already gone bad, or your day-old strawberries are now fuzzy with mold.

Instead of wasting money on produce spoiling, use a tea tree oil solution to save the day! Simply wash your fruits and veggies with a solution combining just a little tea tree oil and water, then rinse and dry thoroughly before storing them to prevent mold.

Remember as with soap, tea tree oil can be harmful if ingested, so keep it down to just a few drops mixed with lots of water. When you rinse, the water will take the tea tree oil and the mold away and leave you with produce that stays fresher for longer, naturally!


Final Thoughts on Tea Tree Oil Uses

100% Pure Tea Tree Essential OilWe’ve talked about only a very few of tea tree oil uses and how it’s a great way to keep healthy. From killing off illness-causing germs to beautifying to keeping your produce farm-fresh, you’ll find plenty ways to use this essential oil.

Now that you know some of the great uses for tea tree essential oil, here’s one we recommend.

Looking for more great tips on tea tree oil? Stay tuned!

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