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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review | How To Use Pinterest To Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche course review


You’ll want to read this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review if you’ve heard about Create And Go’s Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course and you’re considering whether or not to purchase it,


You want to learn how to pin on Pinterest to effectively use it to drive great traffic to your website or blog.

Here you’ll find:

1. A detailed Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course review.

2. Some information about its creators.

3. My personal experience with both the course and the people behind it.

Then, by the end of this review, you can decide if Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is the course for you. Fair enough?

Let’s get to it.

(Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through and subscribe or make a purchase. For more information about this please read more here. I will never post links to products or services that I don’t use or truly love!)

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review Synopsis

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a course developed by Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus, two entrepreneurs on a mission to create their own online business mega-empire.

Create And Go - Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus, creators of Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche

The course is a comprehensive curriculum of information, focused on helping you to learn best practices for marketing your blog or website using the social media powerhouse, Pinterest.

It includes detailed insights, strategies and tips to help you succeed at using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog, build an audience and grow your email list.

What Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Is Not

1. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is NOT a course containing information that is based in theory or supposition.

The information in the course is based on the intensive research, experimentation and case study, and collective experience of its founders, Lauren and Alex. Using the same strategies they outline in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, they’ve built their own blogs and websites with Pinterest.

The Result:

Driving 100,000+ unique visitors per month to their website, and gaining over 90,000 Pinterest followers in less than one year!

All without spending money on ads!

2. In addition, Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche is NOT a source of “tricks”, “blackhat” techniques, or ways to “beat a system” to shortcut your way to boosting and attracting traffic to your blog.

The strategies outlined in the course are legitimate, “white hat” tactics. And, once you learn and understand them, they are easily replicated, even if you don’t have extensive experience.

3. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is NOT outdated or obsolete; comprised of strategies for Pinterest that worked three years ago, or even last year.

Because Alex and Lauren are continually working on Pinterest strategies for their own businesses, their information is based on what works now! And they do a great job in updating the Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche curriculum to reflect their most recent information.

Why Pinterest?

Why do you want to use Pinterest to drive traffic and build an audience?

Here are just a few short reasons:

As of 2017, Pinterest has:

  • 150 million monthly users (70 million of those are in the United States)
  • 81% of Pinterest users are women
  • Millennials now use Pinterest just as much as they use Instagram
  • 50% of Pinterest users record an income of $50,000+ per year
  • 10% of users have an income of $125,000+
  • Over 90% of active Pinterest pinners say they use Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • Unlike Facebook, Pinterest is a search engine where your audience actually tells you exactly what they want from your blog or website based on what they’re searching for.
  • The average time spent on Pinterest by users is nearly 15 minutes per visit.

If you have a product or service to sell, or a blog or website you’re using to develop or promote your brand, Pinterest is where you want to be in 2017.

Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche Review Continued…The Course

Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche is divided into nine training sections called “modules”, and contains thirty videos.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course review

Each module walks you through in step-by-step fashion each of the building block strategies of the course.

Included with the modules are worksheets and checklists that are great tools for keeping your progress on track.

Each module is sub-divided further into detailed sections that specifically describe and explain the strategies being outlined.

For each section, there is a corresponding video, along with a short commentary or summary, and links to additional resources where needed.


Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche review computer


The course is set up to be completed at your desired pace, so you can go through the material as fast or as slowly as you need, and you can easily revisit any sections or concepts if you want to review them again.

When you subscribe to the course, you pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to the materials (no monthly subscription to pay).

Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche on Facebook


In addition, when you subscribe to the course, you are eligible to become a member of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Facebook Group (only open to course participants).

This is a huge (important, awesome and immensely valuable) benefit of the course membership, because it offers valuable support and feedback as you move through the course.

With inclusion in the PTA Facebook group, you get access to interaction with other course members with whom you can share information.

If you need clarification about something, if you run into an issue that has you stumped, or if you’re trying to create or refine your own Pinterest strategy, the Facebook group is available to help.

But most importantly, and I can’t emphasize the benefit of this enough, it gives you access to ask questions of Lauren and/or Alex as you move through the course curriculum.

And remember, they are freakin’ experts at what they do!

Now for the icing on the cake…Bonuses! Woohoo!



Here are the Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche extras (and did I forget to mention they’re FREE?):

1. FREE Program Updates as the Pinterest Algorithm Changes – Your course information continues to be updated so that the strategies you’re using continue to work on Pinterest.

2. You Get the Ninja Secrets Pinterest Bonus Lessons – Valued at $497 for FREE – These are advanced Pinterest strategies that Lauren and Alex have learned/developed that you won’t find elsewhere!

Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche Review…Impressions

My Thoughts

In conclusion, I just want to say a brief word about my experience with Alex and Lauren and the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course.

I found Alex and Lauren in my own search for effective Pinterest strategies.

I am a Pinterest novice, and had read a considerable amount of information about Pinterest from various individuals experienced with it.

Unfortunately, I had come to the point where I was finding much of the same (basic) information. What I was searching for though, was new and current information, and strategies that were more in-depth.

I found several articles by both Alex and Lauren that I found interesting.




And as I began to search more of their Pinterest strategies information, I realized that what they offered was 1) information that I hadn’t heard before, and 2) information that was more advanced than other information I had come across.

What I liked about Alex and Lauren from the beginning is that while they’re both pleasant, likable, adventurous and fun-living people, they’re dead serious about business and finding successful strategies that work.

Even more than that, they know what the heck they’re talking about! When you approach them with a problem, they “get it” because they have been “in the trenches”, testing and failing before they learned what really works.

I like these guys.

My Experience

With regard to the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course, I have found the information contained in the course to be detailed and straightforward.

The curriculum doesn’t have a lot of filler and fluff to make the course seem more substantial. It’s much more “meat and potatoes” information; practical strategies you can put into action immediately, and shortly thereafter see results.

Within just a couple weeks of purchasing the course (in February, 2017), I was able to see measurable (and positive) differences and results in both my Pinterest account and (most importantly) my blog site.

The most thrilling was actually creating a Pinterest pin based on things I learned through Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche that in the space of 1 to 2 days, sent me more traffic to my blog than I had received in the prior three months combined!

I am immensely glad I purchased the Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche course. I have been working in various ways to build a successful online business for over ten years (yes, apparently I’m a slow learner).

One of the fundamental issues I have continually struggled with over that period of time is getting sufficient, consistent, targeted traffic to a website or blog.

If you’re working to grow your blog or website traffic and audience, develop a targeted, active email list, desire to build your blog in less time, and don’t want (or have the resources) to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ad campaigns, then this course is for you.

Just my two cents!:-)

Hope our Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche Review has been helpful to you. Don’t stop here. Click the link to learn more…


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