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Mindfulness Meditation: You Aren’t Really Living Unless You Are Living In The Now


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woman mindfulness meditation

Today I’m delighted to introduce Rachel Strevers, a talented blogger friend from Orlando, Florida. Rachel has her own delightful blog featuring healing for mind, body and soul through meditation and yoga. She brings a youthful energy with her writing that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. I won’t delay any longer. I’ll just let Rachel take it from here. Enjoy.
Do you constantly feel at war with fear, anxiety, or worry? Do you feel drained from your thoughts?

If anyone understands where you are coming from, it’s me! I have personally struggled with overwhelming anxiety, fear, and worry for years of my life. I believe some of it is genetic, however; it’s also something 100% changeable!

Believe it, or not. You aren’t living unless you are living in the now.

I’m not here to teach how to vanish your worries, anxiety, or fear. I am here to teach you my AMAZING tips and tricks on how I strive to live in the present.

Are You Ready To Stop Living In The Past/Future & Start Living In The Now? Then Boy oh boy do I have good news for you!


3 Beautiful Ways To Start Living, By Living In The NOW:


1. Be Mindful

Mindfulness is the only intentional, systematic activity that is not about trying to improve yourself or get anywhere else. It is simply a matter of realizing where you already are!


Much easier said than done… I know! However, I promise is gets easier with time!

When you feel your mind is starting to trail off into the past or race forward into the future, come back to what you are doing at that moment.

I noticed the other day when my boyfriend was giving me a massage, my mind was going everywhere; from what I would eat for breakfast the next day to what will I get my mom for her birthday? I noticed that I wasn’t being present in the moment.

So, I redirected my thoughts.

I started to notice how relaxed my body felt when my boyfriend was massaging my body. I focused my mind on how thankful I was for him and everything he does for me. I started to really take in the incredible massage as he massaged my shoulders. I focused on my loving shoulders. By redirecting my thoughts, I was able to be more mindful of what was currently going on.


Tips How To Be Mindful Throughout Your Day:


  • Every day when you wake up: thank the universe for being blessed to see another day! This reminds your mind, body, and soul that you are living for today.
  • Breathe. When you feel your mind taking off about what happened yesterday or what you need to get done today, Breathe. Inhale for 6 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale for 8. Repeat this exercise until you notice that your brain feels present with your breath. Therefore, you are becoming present.


2. Meditate Daily

Meditation is essential. However, you only have to meditate for 3 minutes every day in order to get the full effect.

Everyone has 3 minutes in their day. Just 3! I promise you. 3 minutes is ALL you need to meditate. If you are new to meditation, set a timer so you know that you have done your daily meditation for the day. However, the more the merrier!!

Typically, I do between 10-30 minutes of meditation right before I go to bed. This allows my mind, body, and soul to relax.

It sets the intention that it is time to sleep, instead of creating brain storms about what I am going to make for dinner the next day. Or blaming myself for all the things I could have done that day. Or even staring at the black blank wall wondering when in the world my body is going to just magically “hit the hay”.

How to:

There are numerous ways to enjoy your meditation.

  • Start by placing yourself in a dark, calm, peaceful, quiet room. A place where you will have ZERO distractions. This is the most efficient and effective way.
  • Close your eyes, begin to relax your mind, and body. Sit in an easy pose.
  • Breathe in (6 counts) and imagine cold blue air seeping in; first, starting from the universe or our Higher Power, then allow that beautiful air to flow through your nose and spread evenly throughout your body.
  • Hold your breath there for 3 counts.
  • Exhale (8 counts) and imagine hot fiery red air seeping out of your body being delivered to the universe to release, restore, and recreate into the beautiful cool blue air that fills our mind, body, and soul with unconditional love and health.
  • Hold your breath there for 1 count.
  • Repeat.

You can do many different variations, but I hope this helps you start or gives you a new way to try your meditation session with your lovely self.

Allow your thoughts, emotions, and breath to be and flow. If you find your mind wandering, bring your mind back to the breath.

Yoga practice

3. Yoga

Yoga can be done at home, the gym, a yoga studio, or really anywhere you find a spot that is tranquil.

Yoga is for everyone.

I will say if you are new to the idea of trying yoga I would try it at home from YouTube or online. This way you can understand the lingo and build your body up to an hour class.

You may believe yoga is only slow paced and anyone can handle a full hour. I’m just telling you, you’re wrong.


Yoga can be high intense (Bikram) or very low intense (Yin), and everything in between. I just believe it’s best to start off at home so you feel comfortable and ready. No need for stress, its yoga and time for yourself.

Yoga is my absolute favorite way to be present within the mind, body, and soul. When you connect your breath with your body, you are able to go within your soul and set your cluttered mind free!

Lovely Yoga for Beginners & Stress Relievers:

Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, or Gentle Flow.

I absolutely love these. These three are perfect for a nice 10 minutes or 1 hour of beautiful time for your mind, body, and soul. They will thank you, promise.

4. Put Down the Cell Phone!!!

Have you ever noticed, that during dinner everyone will be on their cell phones instead of communicating with the family or friends that they are currently with?

Maybe this is you I am talking about?!

I love technology, don’t get me wrong! It allows me to speak to the world all at once! It’s given me the opportunity to start my blog, while being a full-time student!

However, what I don’t particularly like is, that everyone is so enthralled with what’s going on with social media, games, or anything else they find intriguing on their phones. They forget be present.

My prime example: One night, my boyfriend and I were preparing to have dinner, after a long day of work for the both of us.

I made dinner, we sat down, and we both didn’t speak to each other nearly the whole time!!!

He was playing Words With Friends and I was watching funny Facebook videos.

We didn’t even take the time to ask each other how our days went? Or just a good ole’ conversation about life!!

Who can relate?

When we aren’t living in the present moment, we really aren’t living at all. We aren’t soaking up what the Universe offers us. Instead, we are allowing time to pass with no recollection of what has just happened or came before us.


Final Thoughts…

I hope these tips and tricks allow you to become more present. Being present is essential to really living a fulfilling life.

Please let me know what your favorite way to be present is! <3

Take Care. Be The Light.

Yoga womanNamaste,
Rachel Strever

Website: lovingthyself.net
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rachelstrever/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/115583839162770/
Email: rachelstrever@gmail.com


Mindfulness Meditation - Relieve Anxiety Stress and Be Present


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