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9 Things To Do When You’re So Sad You Can’t Stop Crying


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What do I do when I'm this sad?


If the only thing you can feel right now is “I’m sad,” you aren’t alone. So many of us feel deeply sad at various points in our lives. The sense of overwhelming loss or grief is something that most of us will not escape during our life’s journey. The problem is that we’ve become particularly self critical about these feelings, which can delay our healing process and create deeper wounds.

When that happens, it can become an even more overwhelming feedback loop that leads to even more tears. Just imagine if a friend came to us saying, “I’m sad,” and our response was to “just get over it, already!”. It may seem ridiculous, but this is the way we universally treat ourselves when we feel sad for long periods of time.

Unhappiness is a natural part of human life that serves an important purpose. Some experts even believe that sadness actually helps us with compassion, motivation and better judgement. Therefore it’s crucial that we develop healthy ways to cope with these moods without rushing the healing process. We need to be thorough in dealing with our grief, and in doing so, we can hopefully gain new perspective along the way.

Here are a few ways we can manage when the tears just won’t stop.


How To Stop Being So Sad


1. Let yourself cry for a period of time.

Why do we cry? Scientists think it might have something to do with pain relief, a reaction that happens when circumstances or feelings are just too hard to bear. That being said, it’s wise to let the water flow. Tears are a natural reflex of the body, much like a sneeze. Suppressing it isn’t going to do us any favors. Setting aside time to cry is a way to allow yourself the expression of sadness while still giving it boundaries.

2. Write about being sad.

What’s bothering you? Write about it. If it’s a person, write a letter that you will never send. If it’s a situation, write about every last detail that’s making you sad. Be as honest as possible. This allows us to express any emotions that might be bottled up. It delivers abstract mental and emotional concepts into the real world, where they may or may not make much sense.

thoughtful moments - dealing with sadness3. Get outside.

How can we expect our feelings to change if we aren’t doing anything to change the scenery? If we’ve been lying in bed all day with our sadness, it could probably use a walk. Fresh air and physical movement is a great way to clear the mind, regain focus and pump some vitamin D into our systems. If nature is accessible to us, a hike is a great way to put things into perspective.

4. Reach out to friends and family.

Social support systems are key. Sadness is often isolating, making us feel alone even when we have a wide network of people that care about our wellbeing. Talking to a friend or family member reminds us how loved we are and how much support we actually have. Even better, discussing our problems out loud to a good listener can be such a relief.

5. Go for a “sad run”.

Studies have shown physical activity boosts endorphins – this is not new news. But running, specifically, is such a full body experience that it puts us entirely in the present moment. Getting out of our heads (and out of the memories making us sad) and into our bodies, we are given a much needed escape.

6. Create something (use your hands).

Try a new recipe. This is yet another way to focus on something different instead of the circumstances that are upsetting us. If hot stoves and precise measurements aren’t your thing, you can pick up a crafty hobby like knitting or wood working. Choosing something with a satisfying end product that is beautiful and useful will feel empowering, giving you a sense of control and pride.

7. Help someone else (who may also be sad).

Though it is true that somebody else always has it worse, this is not a compassionate piece of advice to offer a sad person. If we’re having a hard time swallowing our own grief, we can help validate the feelings of sadness in other people by volunteering our time to folks in need. This, in turn, will help us find compassion and understanding for ourselves.

8. Set big goals.

Goals that are out of reach can feel impossible, and that’s the point. Setting out to accomplish them and then doing so shifts our perspective entirely. We did this seemingly incomprehensible thing – what else can we do?

9. Seek therapy.

There was once a time when therapy was stigmatized, but these days, mental and emotional health is becoming just as important as going to the gym. Last year, 59 million people sought out therapy. That number is only increasing. Professionals in this field are highly qualified to help us find effective and healthy ways to cope with our feelings. If all else fails, and we’re sad for more than a few weeks, they’re here for us when times get hard.

So there you have them, 9 Things To Do When You’re So Sad You Can’t Stop Crying. Finding a way to deal with your sadness isn’t always easy, but being sad sometimes is a part of life, and learning how best to cope with your emotions at that time can only help you in getting through it.

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