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11 Life-Changing Self Improvement Books for Women You Should Read This Year To Enhance Your Life and Relationships

self improvement books


Remember when you were a kid how long a year would seem? It was like a year would last FOR-E-VER.

And from one year to the next you could easily see the changes and progress you’d made. Other people could see them too.

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How to Rekindle a Relationship – Discover 5 Basic Reasons Relationships Sour and How To Fix Them

couple holding hands


Do you need to rekindle a relationship?

Do you find yourself wanting to take your love life from lackluster to a steady simmer (or maybe a raging boil)?

Do you wish you had kept in better touch with your college BFFs?

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10 Little Known Ways to Be More Assertive, Confident, and Get More of What You Want

female boxer - assertive woman


Learning how to be an assertive woman is sometimes a bit more complicated than it may seem.

Assertiveness for women can be a delicate balance.

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9 Common Sense Ways to Improve Focus and Concentration

Many of us desire to improve focus and concentration. We want to be mentally sharp so that we perform at our maximum effectiveness, including optimal levels of efficiency and creativity.

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16 Effective Ways for Letting Go Of The Past, Moving On With Your Life

how to let go and move on - woman grey coat pink tulips
You’ve probably heard the familiar adage that in order to truly move forward in life it’s important to let go of the past.

You may also realize that it is a thing much easier said than done.

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Anger Management: How to Talk Yourself Down, Restore Calm, and Refocus

angry woman

We’ve all been there: exhausted and frustrated, you explode in a fit of rage as the children run circles around the house, the dog tracks muddy paw prints across the carpet, and your husband relaxes in front of the television, seemingly oblivious to it all…

Likewise, if you’re a mother and/or wife and you allow your anger to get the best of you when dealing with your children, your spouse, close family or friends, there’s a good chance that you are going to regret it later.

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