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Is Your Procrastination Enabled By Social Media Use? (If Yes, Here’s A Few Solutions)

snapchat on iphone - procrastination and social media


There is a thief among us, and her name is PROCRASTINATION.

She’s an elusive, insidious adversary that robs us of our precious time, energy, and productivity; a silent stalker that lulls us into a false sense of efficiency, while in reality we spin our wheels in a desperate attempt to avoid something we don’t want to confront.

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Own Your Mornings: How to Make ‘Good Morning’ A Way to be Prepared and Encouraged for the Day Ahead

side table - good morning

It’s interesting to observe the lives of different people and examine the things they accomplish.

Not in a negative or competitive way, but certainly in a way that we might learn something to help us improve.

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