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2019 Goal Setting: Setting Personal Goals and the Importance of Setting Goals

accomplishment - goal setting


One of the things that can get especially irritating at the beginning of any year is the fact that EVERYONE and their brother seems to be talking about goal setting.

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How to Start A Bullet Journal for BuJo Newbies

bullet journal notebook
If you’ve been searching for a way to be more efficient, organized, and have a system to help you bring more meaning to your life, then it’s quite possible bullet journaling can help. Bullet journal notebooks have become extremely popular, and so we’ve created this guide to help you learn more.

Carrol Ryder, the creator of the “Bullet Journal”, developed a method for “tracking the past, organizing the present, and preparing for the future”. Ryder struggled with ADHD and other learning disabilities from a young age and found a way to organize his thoughts, keep track of his obligations, and review his goals, now known as Ryder’s Method.

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Why Starting A Journaling Habit Will Be The Best Thing You Will Do For Yourself This Year


pink floral womens journalWith the first month of the new year coming to an end you may be experiencing a decrease in motivation to continue with your new year’s resolutions or other positive intentions for the new year.

If you have struggled with reaching your goals, keeping to your resolutions, or just feel overall overwhelmed with the amount of commitments you have in your life, you are not alone.

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200 Journal Prompts That Will Have You Journaling Like A Pro

journal promptsJournaling can sometimes be difficult, even if you’ve journaled before, and that’s where journal prompts can provide a little help for your successful journaling.

If you’ve never journaled before, it might seem overwhelming to get started.

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The Genius Bullet Journal Guide for Women Just Beginning to Use It

group of women with sparklers - bullet journal
Women are incredibly busy these days. Multi-taskers we are, and to be productive, we devise our own methods and systems – from pasting sticky notes on the refrigerator to typing memos on our smart phones.

We use whatever it takes to help us get the job done!

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15 Tips for Creating An Incredible Gratitude Journal

15 Tips For Creating An Incredible Gratitude JournalThe first time I ever heard anything about a gratitude journal was probably on the Oprah Winfrey show at least 20 + years ago.

Now it seems they’re everywhere.

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