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How to Start A Bullet Journal for BuJo Newbies

bullet journal notebook
If you’ve been searching for a way to be more efficient, organized, and have a system to help you bring more meaning to your life, then it’s quite possible bullet journaling can help. Bullet journal notebooks have become extremely popular, and so we’ve created this guide to help you learn more.

Carrol Ryder, the creator of the “Bullet Journal”, developed a method for “tracking the past, organizing the present, and preparing for the future”. Ryder struggled with ADHD and other learning disabilities from a young age and found a way to organize his thoughts, keep track of his obligations, and review his goals, now known as Ryder’s Method.

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How YOU can Transform Pain into Positive Growth

woman in shadow - how to deal with emotional pain to grow

It’s pretty safe to say that most people don’t like pain. Pain is uncomfortable. It takes us away from our happy place and forces us to deal with stuff we don’t enjoy. Pain is inconvenient, costly, and distracting. Remember that meme, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” Yeah, that’s how we feel about pain.

On the other hand, there’s a small segment of the population that welcomes pain. I’m serious. Just look at all those ultra-marathoners and extreme sports enthusiasts. They know pain intimately. It motivates them, pushes them past their limits. Most of us will never understand that drive, and instead will do our best to stay in the pain-free zone.

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4 Tips to Stop Listening to Naysayers and Live Your Best Life

woman thinking - how to stop listening to naysayers

There are few things in this world that are more frustrating than figuring out how to stop listening to naysayers. Regardless of what change you are trying to make in your life or goal you are trying to reach, you will always have people trying to discourage you and getting in your head.

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5 Ways to Stay Hopeful When You Hate Your Job (and Can’t Quit!)

woman working at jobLet’s be honest. No one of us has loved every single job that we’ve had. In fact, some of those jobs were so bad that we were dying to quit – but were unable to for one reason or another.

Maybe you find yourself in that situation right now. Women in every industry have wondered what to do when you hate your job and you can’t quit. If you’ve ever had this question – especially if it’s relevant to your life right now – then read on to learn:

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Why Starting A Journaling Habit Will Be The Best Thing You Will Do For Yourself This Year


pink floral womens journalWith the first month of the new year coming to an end you may be experiencing a decrease in motivation to continue with your new year’s resolutions or other positive intentions for the new year.

If you have struggled with reaching your goals, keeping to your resolutions, or just feel overall overwhelmed with the amount of commitments you have in your life, you are not alone.

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3 Tips to Overcome Overthinking

pink robe - how to stop overthinking

Overthinking. We all do it. Thousands of years ago planning out the specifics of every possible scenario was what kept us alive. Now it only keeps us standing in the grocery aisle for two hours trying to choose between two different kinds of cookies.

We’ve talked about overthinking here before, but because it’s the time of year when people are making new plans, setting new goals or contemplating new courses of action, I feel the subject bears some revisitation.

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