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7 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Sadness and Depression (and What to Do)

I feel so sad, all the time - Does that mean I’m depressed?

To understand the difference between sadness and depression, consider a sudden rainstorm. It could be a side effect of a hurricane – but it’s also possible that it’s simply rain. Although they appear to be the same meteorological event, there’s an immense difference in their effects. One causes real, lasting damage. The other one is simply a damper on your day.

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How YOU can Transform Pain into Positive Growth

woman in shadow - how to deal with emotional pain to grow

It’s pretty safe to say that most people don’t like pain. Pain is uncomfortable. It takes us away from our happy place and forces us to deal with stuff we don’t enjoy. Pain is inconvenient, costly, and distracting. Remember that meme, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” Yeah, that’s how we feel about pain.

On the other hand, there’s a small segment of the population that welcomes pain. I’m serious. Just look at all those ultra-marathoners and extreme sports enthusiasts. They know pain intimately. It motivates them, pushes them past their limits. Most of us will never understand that drive, and instead will do our best to stay in the pain-free zone.

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9 Things To Do When You’re So Sad You Can’t Stop Crying

What do I do when I'm this sad?


If the only thing you can feel right now is “I’m sad,” you aren’t alone. So many of us feel deeply sad at various points in our lives. The sense of overwhelming loss or grief is something that most of us will not escape during our life’s journey. The problem is that we’ve become particularly self critical about these feelings, which can delay our healing process and create deeper wounds.

When that happens, it can become an even more overwhelming feedback loop that leads to even more tears. Just imagine if a friend came to us saying, “I’m sad,” and our response was to “just get over it, already!”. It may seem ridiculous, but this is the way we universally treat ourselves when we feel sad for long periods of time.

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Envy Is Not Cute – 4 Ways to Stop Jealousy From Preventing Your Personal Growth

woman jealousy

Do you struggle with jealousy? Do you often compare yourself to other people? Do you wonder how to stop jealousy and feelings of envy you have toward other people?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, don’t worry - you’re not alone. Even the best of us fall prey to comparisons with those we know or would like to be more like.

And our social constructs these days often feed us information that seems to be a constant diet of comparisons. An environment of competition and envy of others’ success makes for better stories to distribute, and pushes us to consume products or services that we don’t really need all of which benefits those who profit from unending cycles of consumerism.

But while many of us want to stop comparing ourselves to others, we don’t always know where to start. How do we stop jealousy, or more importantly, “how do you overcome envy and jealousy to become a better you?”


Here Are Four of the Best Tips We Know on How to Stop Jealousy of Others


Identify What You Tend To Be Jealous Of

Instead of asking yourself “how do I stop being jealous and insecure?”, ask yourself why you get jealous in the first place!

Oftentimes when we see someone succeeding in areas of life that we are self-conscious of, we become jealous. But we're not really jealous of the individual, we're upset because they have accomplished or achieved something that we have not. That's why we want what they have. But don’t let your insecurities control your emotions!

Rather than being jealous, do the deeper work of figuring out what it is that you want, based on who you are, your values and beliefs and then go about making a plan and doing the work to get it or to accomplish it.

Ask Yourself: How Does Jealousy Make You Feel?

There’s a saying that goes like this: resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It's the same with jealousy. When we want what someone else has, we can end up disliking the person, as well. When in reality, the problem or issue really has nothing to do with the other person at all.

When you find yourself in a situation in which you feel jealous, try to become more self-aware - aware of your own feelings. If you’re honest, being jealous doesn’t actually feel very good.

And if you’re not a masochist, you'll be open to find alternatives instead of harboring jealousy.

Turn Your Jealousy Into Motivation

Instead of allowing your insecurities to run the show and feed your emotions, turn your jealousy into motivation.

While those of you reading this article want to learn how to stop being jealous, the truth is that even the best of us get jealous because we all have things we're insecure about. Some may hide it or camouflage it better, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

What matters is how you handle it!

By allowing any feelings of jealousy to motivate you (not so that you're in competition with another person, but so that you push yourself to be and to perform at your best), you can turn those negative thoughts and feelings into something much more positive, productive and beneficial.

Next time you see someone who has what you want, think about why you want it or why you're upset that someone else has it. Explore those thoughts and feelings, and try to get to the root of them. Then decide what you want to do about it, and go from there.

Celebrate Your Differences

One of the most important tips to learn about how to stop jealousy is learning how to accept yourself. Because jealousy is never about the other person - the object or focus of your envy. It's always about you.

The next time you find yourself jealous of someone’s looks or success, or who they're with, remember that you are unique. Don’t judge others for their successes - instead, lift them up! And celebrate the things that make you unique and different and “one-of-a-kind”.

Then, if there are still things that you want to be different or changed or better about yourself and your life, get committed to do the hard work of bettering them. This will help complete the necessary mindset shift.

Final Thoughts

If you truly want to learn how to stop being jealous of others’ success and how to stop comparing yourself, then use these four tips. They are the simplest, most effective tips that we have found on how to manage and minimize jealousy.

When you accept who you are, your unique aspects, the truth of you, warts and all, you can find a way to be happy for the successes of others and lift them up. You can turn old jealousies into motivation to be your best and live your best life.

We are all works in progress, and learning how to stop jealousy, even using the simple tips we've outlined here, will allow you to take a few steps forward and continue your journey!

If you have enjoyed this post, please share with your family and friends. Thanks!

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Laugh ‘Til It Hurts: Laughter Is Truly the Best Medicine

woman laughing

Many of us have heard the quote “laughter is the best medicine”. You’ve likely said it yourself or have had it said to you. But is it true that laughter is the best medicine? Scientific evidence to support the theory is incomplete if not inconclusive. But let’s consider a few things.

When you were a child, you probably laughed a lot – at least a lot more often than you do now. As a kid, you didn’t have to worry about paying bills, impressing a boss or how you would take care of your family. And you laughed a whole lot more.

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Suicide, Anxiety and Depression Are On My Mind Today – What I Want You To Know

woman walking in nature at twilight
I woke up this morning to news that Anthony Bourdain is dead.

And as my brain seized while trying to digest that piece of information, the news was added that he had died by suicide.

It is unthinkable.

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