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Anger Management: How to Talk Yourself Down, Restore Calm, and Refocus

angry woman

We’ve all been there: exhausted and frustrated, you explode in a fit of rage as the children run circles around the house, the dog tracks muddy paw prints across the carpet, and your husband relaxes in front of the television, seemingly oblivious to it all…

Likewise, if you’re a mother and/or wife and you allow your anger to get the best of you when dealing with your children, your spouse, close family or friends, there’s a good chance that you are going to regret it later.

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Posted by on in Anger Management

10 Proven Methods for Anger Management – Why You May Feel Angry and How to Control Your Anger to Prevent It from Controlling You

anger management
We all experience anger, but in some cases our anger becomes misdirected or extreme. Those are the times when we need to utilize the tools for anger management…

Today we’ll discuss 10 proven ways to control your anger:

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