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Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Personal Development

7 Productive Tips to Transform Your Morning Routines Even if You’re Not a Morning Person

7 Productive Tips to Transform Your Morning Routines Even if You're Not a Morning Person You know the scenario – it starts as a distant hum, then grows louder and louder. You try to ignore it, but no matter how many times you make it stop, it always comes back.

It’s your morning alarm, and if you’re not a morning person, your relationship with this little device is often a love/hate thing at best. You hit ‘snooze’ two or three (or six) times, drag yourself out of bed, then realize how late it really is and race through your morning routine, rushing out the door with barely enough time to get where you need to go. Sound familiar?

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Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Personal Development

Tips For Accepting Constructive Criticism To Avoid Sabotaging Yourself – 6 Strategies to Help

(Several years ago, Celestine Chua, life coach and founder of Personal Excellence, wrote and published an article “How to Give Constructive Criticism: 6 Helpful Tips” also published as the “Constructive Criticism Manifesto”, a guide for offering constructive criticism in a manner that is tactful, useful and beneficial to others. Her manifesto inspired the following post.)

Tips for Accepting Constructive Criticism to Avoid Sabotaging Yourself - 6 Strategies to HelpWe’ve all been there – giving a speech or a performance, conducting a meeting, or even just making dinner or trying a new hairstyle – those moments when we get constructive criticism from others. Now, whether it’s from a place of sincerely good intentions or someone just being overly opinionated, it is absolutely to our benefit to learn how to receive it, process it and grow from it.

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