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9 Best Self Improvement Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


(Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. For more information about this please read the Affiliate Disclosure.)


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Listening to self improvement podcasts is an excellent way to make constructive use of what might otherwise be wasted time, and doing something to benefit yourself.

We all want to improve our lives and “do better”, but who has the time?

Between all of our responsibilities and the good habits we’re trying to build, there’s precious little time to engage in those activities to help reach our goals.

Luckily, you can fit all the wisdom you seek right into your daily routine with self help podcasts.

Perfect for long commutes, lunchtime, while you’re exercising or doing chores and when you’re just lounging around (yeah, right)!

We’ve selected 9 of our favorites for your listening pleasure.


Best Self Improvement Podcasts


1. The Marie Forleo Podcast

From writer , teacher, entrepreneur girl boss and life coach Marie Forleo, Marie and guests share her wisdom for living life to the fullest on her presentation and interview-style podcast.

Want to improve emotionally and mentally?

Get actionable, practical strategies for self-improvement, less stress, more happiness, creativity and better living by listening to Marie’s podcast show.


2. Live Awake With Sarah Blondin


OMG…In this self help podcast, Sarah Blondin leads you through peaceful, soothing, soulful meditation.

Her guided meditations and reflections provide rest, peace and a space to find and feel clarity.

Through the podcast, she helps you to learn to be present in the moment. To take notice and be truly aware of your surroundings, yourself, your thoughts and feelings, even your physical presence.

To heighten your awareness allowing you actively engage, participant and live a fuller, deeper more empowered life.


3. Power and Purpose With Mastin Kipp


Best selling author, teacher and personal development expert Mastin Kipp hosts this postcast packed with valuable insights and strategies for people wishing to create rapid transformation in their lives.

He motivates you to get inspired and make the needed life adjustments to create the life you want.

This self-improvement podcast is perfect to put you in the right place to move through your day with the right perspective.


4. How She Really Does It


Koren Motekaitis’s How She Really Does It podcast is where inspiration and possibility meet.

Her weekly show features interviews that reveal how to live more fully, discussing topics relating to mindset, entrepreneurship, family, health and more, and focuses on “redefining success, reframing failure, and realigning your inner compass.”

Let her help you learn through this self-improvement podcast to be less stressed about your life, be more present, and discover your unique possibilities.


5. Happier with Gretchen Rubin


“Happiness guru” and New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin along with her sister Elizabeth Craft discuss good habits and happiness in a “girlfriends”-style conversation on this self improvement podcast.

Discover ways to change your mindset, get practical help and learn strategies to make your life better (and yes, happier).

Listen to simple, thoughtful advice with this self-improvement podcast.


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Best Self Help Podcasts


6. Your Kick Ass Life


Andrea Owen helps women who have been “faking it”…Women who don’t feel they’re “good enough”, who are people pleasers, experience negative self-talk and have been pretending to be “fine”.

Through the information in her podcasts, she helps women break free from that existence, and learn to enter into and embrace a new way of living. Your personal growth meets kick ass.


7. Confidence On the Go


A leading confidence coach in the personal development niche and specializing within the fitness industry, Trish Blackwell inspires listeners of her show to be more confident, healthy and happy.

In her weekly show, she encourages you to be inspired, be more of who you were created to be, and to live with confidence to live out your life purpose.

Confidence On the Go fosters a great environment for anyone looking to improve confidence and boost self-esteem.


8. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Wellness, Inspiration, Self Help & Motivation for Your Daily Life


For those looking to change their life direction and transform their experience, Greg Clunis’s Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is the ideal self-improvement podcast.

His straightforward personal development, action-based strategies along with his messages of encouragement, suggestions for positive habit forming behavior and inspiration help you to benefit most from your life experience.


9. This Is Fifty With Sheri and Nancy


This self improvement podcast is hosted by midlife friends Sheri Salata (executive producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show) and Nancy Hala (consummate storyteller and brand strategist for Fortune 500 companies).

This dynamic duo takes you along on their journey to discover the next great phase of life. Conquer your crossroads as you get help on health and wellness, happiness, and more.

These ladies share their insights and the advice of experts on many aspects of personal life, and encourage you to make your life more about what’s really important as you define the next life stage.

If you know of other exceptionally great self improvement podcasts, please share them in the comments.

And as always, if you have a friend or family member that may benefit from the information in this post, please share. Thanks. You’re awesome!

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