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3 Simple Ways To Stop Being A Slowpoke: How To Effectively Overcome Procrastination


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simple ways to stop procrastinating


“I’ll look at it later.”

“I’ve got time.”

“Tomorrow’s another day.”

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

If you’re like many of us, these words have escaped your lips a time or two.

Maybe a dozen times or more.

Procrastination can periodically affect the best of us, but when it becomes chronic, it can interfere with personal growth, goal setting and even areas such as our relationships.

But how do we overcome procrastination…now?


1. Recognize the Problem


Denying you have a problem with procrastination will only delay your chances of improvement.

If you truly want to succeed, take an honest look at yourself and be brave enough to admit the truth.

You’re a procrastinator.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


2. Break Things Down


Overcoming procrastination isn’t complicated. But you have to be willing to change your behavior and form new (and better) habits.

If you delay tasks because they seem overwhelming or intimidating, break them down into more achievable steps first.

If reorganizing your closet feels like climbing Mt. Everest, break it down:

1. Pull out old clothes to donate. Check.

2. Move winter clothes to the back. Check.

As you accomplish smaller steps, your motivation to complete your goals will increase.

Bonus: checking things off feels GREAT!


3. Be Accountable


Our final tip in helping you to overcome procrastination is to enlist the help of a good friend or family member to help keep you on track.

It’s harder to put something off when we know someone is waiting for us to do it.

A kind, but firm accountability partner can be your outside conscience when your own isn’t quite enough.

Procrastination doesn’t have to be “just the way I am”.

You may struggle with it more than some, but you are also very capable of overcoming it.

Choose to do so today (not tomorrow) and feel the amazing difference accomplishment can bring.

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